Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monday, September 6, 2010

Meaningless-Part V

It is an endless Journey.And there is a constant desire to learn and discover new things.Interestingly this DESIRE is not a natural phenomenon or born with a person."But It starts with the realization of challenges. "A new born baby cries when mother is not around ,a bacteria with no brain able to live in this universe for ages,evolution of homo erectus to current form of human,first experience of that the earth is round and not flat,Darwin's philosophy of survival of fittest,Stephen Hawking's amazing theory insights on the existence of universe and its current and future evolution up to next 30000 Million years of !!! remaining life of entire universe when it will DIE !!

They all are some form of challenges and giving some kind of opportunity.Nothing is fixed but re-written as soon as there is any absenteeism of challenge and desire to learn and change.

So is 't it there is some kind of contradiction ?

At one point there is a feeling that there is everything decided in past with accurate precision and at one point you are amazed to see that nothing is permanent and it is dynamic.

What if sun dies in next 300 Million years ?? or one super sized STONE hits earth and destroys earth after million of years as predicted by scientists as it has happened in past when dinosaurs were killed in similar incidents. will that be the end of super intelligent species of universe!!!!

Possibly not !!!

As Stephen hawking believes that we have already started our journey to tackle any such future problem by entering into outer space and soon some day we will find another planet or multiple planet to live .

There has to be some sensible use of nuclear fuel (other than very stupid use to dominate such a small space called earth) to make space crafts to take entire humanity to new and safe destination in time of crisis.

Scientists are puzzled by the fact that even to travel to a earth like planet will require some 75 years if space craft moves at a speed of 17000 Km/s !!!

Or humans will need to learn to live longer again!! to travel for such a long period!! And probably Genetic engineering will help in that learning and traveling .

Whatever be the future assuming it is the last day of universe after 30000 Million years from now when there will be some new challenges and opportunity to survive further and it will again look like at that point that specific challenge or a problem was either fixed or planned in past when we learned genetic engineering and learned to travel in space OR it will look like the question of fear and uncertainty that exists today about that last day beyond that day.

Possibly this is the theory of matter and anti matter that contradiction exists together.

Nothing is permanent but at the same time nothing is without in isolation to its relation with past and that is the question or puzzle which one faces to get peace inside.

Some deny the existence of fourth dimension time and some deny the existence of gravity some deny existence of god and some deny existence of opportunity !!

The truth is to LIVE and experience rather question the existence and non existence of something.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Meaningless Part-4

So it is becoming confusing now.

How can be a function is non empty when someone added zero to it in past and zero itself means empty?

There is the hidden truth as we always want to see things beyond present.Can't we realize that even to discover or say realize the meaning of "Zero"(Emptiness) took a many generations of efforts or possibly it was just an accident like gravity phenomenon?But that accident of understanding Zero or the emptiness also was after a prolonged unplanned wait.

Thus the new function came with the understanding of emptiness and thus it is non -empty.

But it seems very interesting and mystical or more precisely beyond the capacity of intellect that the unplanned wait for the accident to happen might also had been planned in the past!!!

From the big bang to age of dinosaurs to neanderthals to majority "inhuman" humans to future age of super super computers and beyond.

There is a constant transfer of that function happening and by default it will continue because the algorithm of the run function has smartly managed to do away with writing the code for the closing the program and it is like running on its own with previous learning and in technical parlance it is kept artificially intelligent by the creator itself.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meaningless Part-3

Circumstances create instances where everyone acts in the capacity given by others.The capacity was the net result of circumstances created earlier which is getting transferred in continuous cycle.One instance is like this that a Modern girl still want (desires) jewelery at the time of her marriage beyond the obvious capacity of parents .Parents feel some sense of achievement and satisfaction and more importantly want to create a sense of pride in their lives and enjoy that instance by at least reaching to threshold of their capacity and feel a lifetime peace if they happen to cross that threshold of existing capacity.So dowry is still exchanging hands because of circumstances which creates instances and gives capacity in perpetual cycle.

Another parallel instance is between the capacity of a poor and rural boy kishore versus middle class metro born praneet and between praneet and clooney from florida who belong to most developed and advanced league...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meaningless Part-2

One tries to understand then why the given function was not empty.

The possible reason is because the function for next one in the line is the function given by previous one(Predecessors) who in turn had it received it non empty from their ancestors.

Therefore going back in that order one finds that it began absolutely with empty but then somehow one of the predecessors got a new feeling of understanding at some point of time in that journey of function and since he had the privilege of starting it anew and making any additions at the name of inventions or innovations he called it empty(More Precisely "Zero") as till that time no one ever has experienced the fullness or even imagined what it means to be and therefore fullness at that moment of time actually meant empty in terms of understanding!!!

Mathematician cheated because if a firm A makes a loss of 200 Mn and another firm B makes a loss of 500 Mn then firm B should be a point of concern.It emphasized the size of loss instead of highlighting that both are a loss making firms at first place.So making comparison is a born disease and it does not differentiate in negative comparison and positive comparison and primarily looks for who is the winner when evaluating for positive comparison and who is the failure based on lowest negative value.

Then who authorizes the conclusion of above comparison? Anyone !! Condition is that one should have two sides ready for comparison.Equality sign (=) is the deal maker and carries the authority as stamp mark to declare the two sides being under comparison are indeed Equal.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Meaningless Part-1(in writing)

Halua was born..his parents say he was born in very auspicious astrological time now what...positive feeling when positiveness around or it is all the time situation looks to be sad by choice because after unexpected journey of hard work,smart work ,luck, background and probably good wishes he gets bored as for him the end is never coming and in fact it is stretching like the theory of expansion of universe..

"farther you go faster the speed of horizon and faster you go return is meaningless" !!

circumstances are not the result of present time or past actions but it is what one thinks of tomorrow looks very ideal and so tiring that choice of accepting "unknown"is sensible rather than thinking for what is not existing..because past can never come back and future is again Ideal..present is getting pulled by gravity towards something that is unknown..and when watched through negative or positive resolution extremes looks merging into each other...wondering why the missing element of greatest puzzle is shy to come out in open.certainly looks that function of behavior has no variable in it some mathematicians took liberty of creating negative numbers to hide the reality. as the function differentiates ..

surprisingly empty gets differentiated with respect to empty and yields new taking any known variable puts one at the risk of choosing only known variables for differentiation as no partial differentiation is possible because it is in full at the time of action..rather it has to be and if required it can be integrated partially going back and discovering the intermediate steps where the course of circumstances could have been more controlled and determined to ones happiness.these intermediate steps want to tell that they had enough hints to make it clear that present to future and future to past passes through the same tunnel at the will of one in preferred direction.that's why present has no light .

Halua likes the new host and unconsciously decides to become loyal and pay towards the hospitality as duty and true goodness.As long as he remains unconscious the hosts strangely are working for circumstances for him which they can't do for themselves...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things BEFORE.................

Go to Moon 10 times with Parents ONLY
Hike Mt. Everest ATLEAST Once
Water Rafting at Brahmputra in Monsoon
Donate More than Berkshire and Gates foundation Together
Breakfast: with Lance Armstrong
Lunch: with Michael Jordan
Play With Jidane
Evening Tea with Dilip Kumar ("D" Actor of All times),SRT (GOD),AB (Big B)& Steve Waugh at my HOME
Dinner :Go On Date with Juhi Chawla (Childhood CRUSH !!)
Bungee Jumping in New Zealand
SAFARI in Africa
Direct Aamir Khan
Win NOBEL for something (Nakli Bhi Chalega)
Atleast Fly in SUKHOI

Buss Itnaaa saa Khawab Hai:)